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Former President #Mahamadou #Issoufou's fingerprints all over Niger coup
Whether President #Bazoum's predecessor played a part in the July coup continues to generate considerable speculation in West African capitals. Yet although Issoufou denies any sort of role, his closeness to junta leader #Tchiani remains indisputable.

#DRC, #news , #Copper theft scandal rocks Haut-#Katanga governorate.
President #Tshisekedi has been called upon to intervene in the conflict between the governor of this southern province and one of his former ministers, who have accused each other of masterminding a $1m copper robbery.

chris kasongo Scandal de nos minerais se chaque jours

#DRC, #Rubaya mine at heart of vast #coltan trafficking network. Tonnes of the strategic mineral coltan are being extracted and exported illegally from mines owned by the family of MP Edouard #Mwangachuchu Hizi, who is currently being tried by a military court. Armed groups have been trafficking the mineral, allegedly with the complicity of the security forces

chris kasongo Un rwandais qui vole nos resources aux yeux des autorité, vraiment même Joseph Kabila devrais passé par la justice , le problème est que on a pas la justice dans notre pays car je vois même pas un procès qui sera équitable 😭

#ECOWAS, US and EU united front begins to crack.
Investigative report published on 10/08/23 at 10.50 GMT - There is no longer a consensus within the #WestAfrican community and its Western partners on restoring ousted President #MohamedBazoum to power, an ultimatum that had been imposed on the coup leaders

The Sudanese Armed Forces plan to submit a file on alleged abuses by Hemeti's Rapid Support Forces militia to the ICC by the end of the month. A civilian close to ousted president Omar al-Bashir's regime has been tasked with compiling it.