Umojja for business to consumers

Connect with people who are ready to get involved while staying up to date with what's going on


A.  Amazing wall

  Your hashtag , your post , your business page will move across targeted wall smartly


B.  Open status

  Your status will be seen by anyone from your location. not just people who follow you or your friends


C.  Flux driver

  Connect with followers coming your way


D.  Move around pages

  Your business page will be able to move with other business pages on the wall


E.  Umojja Hashtag service

  This service helps you enter a keyword so that consumers can easily reach you with that keyword as it will be unique to you.


Target in most viewed pages to reach enthusiastic audience

Launch a campaign on Umojja and achieve scale results.

Launch a campaign

For all contacts, you can reach us on Umojja support center or via our Umojja company page here