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Existing social networks do not protect online users from scams and bad items or services listed on their marketplace.

Umojja is a social network platform where you find and connect with verified internet users and brands through our communication system, B2B marketplace connected directly to the payment system for your security.

Umojja. A platform where you connect with reputable people, and verified brands. Are you running a reputable business or building a brand? Umojja is the platform of choice.


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We serve to make your day start here with reputable people, and verified brands, secure conversation channels, business pages, trends and marketplace powered by our payment gateway to make it easy and affordable


That's why it's important to us that everyone start a great day freely and safely on Umojja.


What matters in business is the goal we set for ourselves, more than what others think of you.


We are sure that real scale starts with the best conversation channel. Here you go, your time counts. so together, doing what is right to serve the public debate across the world.


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