Umojja for marketing

        Umojja for Marketing

Connect with people who are ready to get involved while staying up to date with what's going on


A.  Solutions for every step

1. Drive conversions

2. Grow your following

3. Build brand

B.  Targeting in Umojja

Umojja offers targeting options to expand your goal

1. By events

Target events before to reach enthusiastic participants

2. Target followers

Reach high-converting users interests to be followers.

3. Target polls

Target polls, to reach enthusiastic participants

4. Target videos

5. Target Groups

6. Target Umojja Trending

Target hashtag in wall to reach enthusiastic participants

7. Target Umojja Wall

8. Target business pages

9. Target in comment

10. Target by profil

Target in most viewed pages to reach enthusiastic audience

Launch a campaign on Umojja and achieve scale results.

Launch a campaign

For all contacts, you can reach us on Umojja support center or via our Umojja company page here